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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Listen To The Podcast Side Of The Big Bear

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Monday, October 10, 2005

The Ranting Bear Update

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The Big Bears Ranting Update:

"I'm just saying the things some people want to say but for some reason don't, and I don't know why"

1. What ever happened to customer service? As far as I'm concerned when I'm paying your working for ME.
2. Can anyone speak English any more?
3. Don't you think we should put ass holes in their place?
4. Haven't you had enough of the (spam)junk mail that comes across your computer?
5. Do you really think Rep. Tom DeLay is innocent and who really gives a damn?
6. How much of the money donated to the Red Cross will really be used? And what a bunch of crooks? (Look at their history).
7. Lets all thank the young workers coming into business who are undercutting the older workers who are more qualified for the positions. I really don't know who to blame but I'm leaning towards the employer.
8. Have you ever gone on a job interview and no one gets back to you? That rubs me the wrong way. Like my presence and time mean nothing and theirs means more.
9. What about computer tech's on the phone why can't they slow down for if I knew what I was doing I would now be calling.
10. What about Michael Moore? Does this guy bugs you as he does me? I just want to knock his head off his shoulder him with that stupid looking grin.
11. The best thing about blogging is that you do reach people for example read Al's comment to this blog and my appropriate reply
12. Have you ever noticed that no matter how fast you're traveling on the highway there is always someone passing you and going faster?
13. Do me a favor when you have your kids at a library or restaurant please try to keep them a little under control; for these places if you did not know are not their homes. Teach your animals how to behave in public.
14. Look! I know that all of you have special talented children that are so unbelievable, but those who have had children soon found out that they were not all that talented and so will you, so back off.
15. This is for all of you fat ass girls out there. Stop dying your hair, painting your nails etc. I know that you have a different mirror then the rest of us, but save the money and put a lock and chain around the fridge. Can't you give us who work out a break for we don't want to look at you in that condition! Maybe you have a thyroid condition.
16. This is for all you muffler boy's out there! With the load mufflers on your car and nothing under the hood. Don't you know how stupid you sound and look on our roads. Get a real car with balls you cheap asses.
17. Why can't we stop the junk mail sent to our home, but can by law stop telecommuters calls to our home?
18. If you tolerate idiots or forgive anyone, you might as well just cut off your balls right now, little girl...
19. Some Idiot left a comment to the rants and said he does not like blog music beds that can't be turned off. Hey Idiot! all you have to do is lower the volume on (YOUR) computer Einstein.
20. For those of you who are AGRESSIVE drivers and tough behind the wheel of a moving vehicle. I just have one thing to say “why don’t you just pull over sometime and we will see how tough you really are”


Friday, October 07, 2005

Joke Of The Week

Monday, October 03, 2005

The Bears Video Picks

President Couldn't Say It Better

Correct Way To Pick Nose

Our President's Finest Speech

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Saturday, October 01, 2005

Wish You All Could be Dogs

I wish that everybody could be a dog because they are the only ones that can be the same every day with no bullshit, and have true love for you. They don't require anything in return for friendship. I don't know about you but people bother me. If you take a good look around you will find incompetence that is out of control. Have you been to Dunkin Donuts lately if so you know exactly what I mean.